Monthly Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel material: Balafilcon A

Breathability score Dk/t: 91

Water content: 36%

Technology: AerGel

Have you ever wanted to try a great contact lens at a great price? Then Purevision could be the lens for you. With a unique aspheric design, Purevision contacts offer exceptional HD-like vision which is perfect for the wearer with high visual demands.

Do you find your lenses are just plain dry and uncomfortable? The makers of Purevision contacts also know that feeling. That’s why they made their contacts with the comfort enhancing material AerGel. AerGel repels debris from the surface and makes the lens moist all day. AerGel is also a high oxygen permeable material. This gives natural levels of oxygen which results in healthy white eyes. In fact, it is so oxygen permeable, these contacts have been approved for 30 days of continuous wear. This brand is conveniently made as an easy to remember one-month disposable lens. Not only that, their price point is outstanding. So rest assured, PureVision contact lenses provide an extraordinary value.









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