Daily Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel material: Delfilcon A

Breathability Score Dk/t: 156

Water content: 33%

Technology: Water gradient

Contact lenses description

Have you ever wanted a daily lens that’s comfortable to wear all day? Well, Dailies contact lenses could be the upgrade you’re looking for. They are Alcon’s latest generation of daily wear contacts. Designed for all day comfort, they are optimized from the surface all the way to the core. This unique manufacturing method allows for the creation of a water gradient within the lens. At the surface, the water content approaches nearly 100%. This gives the wearer superb comfort for the entire day. The silicone hydrogel core has a lower water content and gives the lens its high breathability score. So if comfort, vision and healthy white eyes is important to you, then Dailies Total 1 soft contacts are a great choice. Upgrade your lenses now!









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