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Buy monthly contact lenses online by cheapest price

Living in Vancouver & looking for comfortable & clear contacts to buy ? Are daily disposable contact lenses too expensive? Are you looking to buy a soft contact lens that is still super soft & thin that you can wear every day for up to 4 weeks that will provide you with unbelievable vision ? Are you looking for contact lenses that can be delivered right to your door at an exceptionally low price? Well Vancouver, we have just the solution for you! At Contact lenses BC we offer monthly contact lenses that are designed to be worn for 1 month or less that are affordable, soft & simply great!

If youre thinking of buying monthly contact lenses, there are some important things for you to consider.

There are two common types of material that soft monthly contact lenses come in.

The newest form of monthly contact lens material is made of silicone hydrogel which provides a phenomenal visual experience & scores very high on the eye health scale! Monthly silicone contact lenses generally have a low water content, are thinner, stiffer & more breathable than hydrogel lenses. They allow an extremely high amount of oxygen to diffuse through the lens to your corneal tissue. This is very important as eye tissue requires a high amount of oxygen. Therefore the more oxygen your cornea gets the better & healthier it will be & the longer you will be able to wear them throughout the day. We strongly recommend this option!

Traditional soft hydrogel monthly contact lenses provide clear & comfortable vision & are generally less expensive than silicone hydrogel lenses. Hydrogel lens material is generally thicker, less stiff & have more water content in them. However, they are an outdated technology that are less breathable than monthly silicone hyrdogel lenses & are more difficult to wear for longer periods of time during the day.

If you’re thinking of contact lenses why not think about buying monthly contact lenses. Here at Contact lenses BC we are your one stop shop for all your contact lens needs! We offer several different monthly soft contact lens brands & materials with super quick delivery time at an absolutely amazing price.