Monthly Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel material: Balafilcon A

Breathability score Dk/t: 91

Water content: 36%

Technology: Lo-Torque Design, AerGel

Contact lenses description

Have you ever assumed you can’t wear contacts due to your astigmatism? Well think again. The makers of Purevision have come up with a solution for you. Introduced in 2005, Purevision Toric contact lenses were developed to help astigmatism sufferers attain clear, consistent vision. Using their Lo-Torque design, they deliver a comfortable, quality visual experience.

Purevision Toric contacts are made with AerGel technology. This improves comfort by repelling debris and maintaining moisture all day.  It is designed to allow natural levels of oxygen to your eyes which keeps them healthy and white. In fact, it is so oxygen permeable, they can be worn for 30 continuous days. Buying Purevision Toric contact lenses is a great idea for patients with astigmatism.









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