Monthly Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel material: Enfilcon A

Technology & Design: Optimized Lens Geometry – stabilizing & optimizing fit & vision, class 2 UV protection

Oxygen score: 91

Water content: 46%

Contact lenses description

encore 100 monthly copervision

Encore 100 Toric is made from the same material and technology as Encore 100 and corrects for eyes that have astigmatism. It also protects you from damaging sun rays with Class 2 UV protection embedded within the lens. As you may know, astigmatism is the result of an imperfectly shaped eye. A simple analogy is that the shape of your eye is actually more like that of a football. This can result in blurred vision at all distances. Many years ago astigmatism could only be corrected with glasses. Today Encore 100 Toric is just one of a few lenses that are designed for astigmatism. By utilising an Optimised Lens Geometry design and Aquaform technology, stability and comfort are markedly enhanced. This allows for a more precise fit to your eye so that even if you are physically active the lens will provide a consistently clear visual experience throughout your day. So don’t let astigmatism stop you from looking and seeing your best, consider trying Encore 100 Toric and get out of those glasses for awhile!