Monthly Contact Lenses

Silicone hydrogel material: Comfilcon A

Breathability score Dk/t: 160

Water content: 48%

Technology & Design: aspheric digital zone optics –  reduces digital eyestrain from computers & handheld devices – aquaform – enhanced comfort for extended wear

If you’re like many working people, you’re stuck in front of a computer or answering messages on your smartphone for at least a couple hours a day. If this drags on for more than a few hours our eyes may become tired, sore and even slightly blurry. This is due to a condition called computer vision syndrome.

Well, Biofinity has come up with a unique solution for this very problem. Introducing Biofinity Energys, the world’s first ever soft lens designed with digital zone optics.This technology helps to reduce eyestrain caused by near work and screens which allows for a more comfortable and clear wearing experience. This, combined with the same high oxygen transmissibility and outstanding comfort that this brand is renowned for, makes it an excellent choice. Give Biofinity Energys a try and order from BC Contact Lenses today!









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